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Some people just don’t like going to see a doctor. Even if they’re going in for a wellness exam, they’re just certain that the doctor is going to find something wrong with them, or tell them to exercise more, or eat healthier, or have that mole looked at. They just keep putting off that doctor’s appointment, hoping that nothing’s wrong.

But that’s not the right way to do live! It’s important to keep on top of your health, and that means seeing a doctor even if you think that he or she suggests additional testing. And if your doctor does suggest medical imaging, you shouldn’t worry too much. Why?

Don’t Panic

When your doctor sends you to a medical imaging service, the first thing that most people do is get worried. It’s likely that your doctor mentioned why he or she is interested in getting a non-invasive look at your insides, and they may well tell you that they “just want to get something checked out.” Eliminating what isn’t wrong with you is one step to finding out what is. Often, we find nothing on the images to be concerned about.

We’ll perform the diagnostic imaging your doctor has requested and have them delivered straight to their office. If the scans we perform end up showing something to be concerned about, it’s much better to know sooner rather than later. Early diagnosis can help you and your doctor make decisions that will help you take the next step to wellness

Don’t Worry About Discomfort

While you might be a bit nervous about the procedure, most medical imaging presents no pain or discomfort. For many of our machines, you won’t feel anything at all. MRI machines can get loud, especially in such an enclosed space, but earplugs can help with that.

The one exception that comes to mind is the mammogram. It’s not a comfortable procedure, but it’s certainly short and very worth it, considering the benefits and the peace of mind it offers.

Know You’re in Good Hands

When you step into our diagnostic imaging center in Fair Lawn, you can relax a little bit, knowing that you’re in good hands. We have an amazing staff of radiologists and support staff who are all top in their field, receiving constant training on the equipment so that they can provide the absolute best in medical imaging. The person performing the test is the most important part of discovering problems within the body. Of course, it’ also helps when you have excellent equipment. Speaking of which...

You’ll Get Top-Of-The-Line Equipment

The medical imaging industry is constantly changing. Images get more clear, ionizing doses are reduced, and procedures become faster. That’s why we keep top-of-the-line equipment around so that you can get better diagnostic scans for your doctor to view.

When it comes to medical imaging, there’s really no need to avoid it. Talk to your doctor about the best type of diagnostic tool is right for you, and then make an appointment with Fair Lawn Imaging today!