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Every so often we like to take a look at what people are saying about our diagnostic imaging services. After all, we could tell you about how proficient our technicians are with MRIs, x-rays, CT scans, DEXA scans, and more, but we’re sure it will be much more convincing if we let those who have experienced our services do the talking for us. Let’s take a look at some of the reviews we’ve received and find out what people think of our medical imaging.

“Walked in for an x-ray of my knee. Staff was very friendly and organized. They made me feel very comfortable during my x-ray. Would highly recommend.”  

— Shannon Hurley

Thanks for writing in, Shannon. We’re glad you noticed how organized the staff was. We see a lot of people in a day, and it’s important for us to stay organized in order to keep everyone’s schedules.

While we have the latest and greatest medical imaging equipment available, sometimes it’s the tried-and-true x-ray that’s the best option. Of course, as old as x-ray technology is, the digital x-ray machines we use today use much less radiation than ever before, ensuring a healthier outcome. We try to make everyone as comfortable as possible when they come in. This means making them physically comfortable as much as possible, despite the fact that body parts often have to be held in odd positions in order to get the best possible image.

“The whole staff from front desk to technicians were so helpful and kind. Not to mention very professional. I was having an issue with my prescription and the manager went above and beyond trying to resolve it. I will most definitely come back here.”

— RoseAnn Stanton

Thanks for the kind words, RoseAnn. We know how important it is to be kind when working with our patients, because most of them are coming in with some sort of injury or ailment and are already nervous in the first place. If we can at least help them be calm about the medical imaging itself, we’ve done a good job.

“Registration staff was very friendly and attentive. Technician Ken was awesome and explained MRI procedure clearly so the 'jack hammer' noise was tolerable!”

— Aly Dee

Thanks for mentioning Ken specifically, Aly. We’re always glad to know who we should congratulate on a job well done. As amazing as MRI machines are, they still have that one major drawback of being loud, and we certainly don’t want anyone getting an MRI scan to think that anything is wrong during their time in the machine.

Why are MRIs so loud? They use magnetic coils in order to vibrate the water molecules in the body. These coils are getting huge surges of energy, and when they do they heat up and expand quickly. When metal expands it can let out pops, and that’s what’s happening in an MRI machine. Unfortunately, the sound is magnified even more in the enclosed space of the machine where the person lies down.

Thanks to all who wrote in to let us know what they thought of the staff here at Fair Lawn Imaging. If you’re in need of diagnostic imaging, contact Fair Lawn today.