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Here at our medical imaging center we might see dozens of people a day. They’re in for many different types of procedures, from simple x-rays to much more complex DEXA scans, standard ultrasounds to detailed MRIs. People come and go, and we try to treat each patient with the utmost respect. After all, the result of these tests could literally change the course of his or her life.

There’s no doubt that things can get rather hectic around here; we’re dealing with healthcare, after all! That’s why it’s nice to get a message like the one we’ve received from Daniel Buchman, a patient whose first experience with us was having an x-ray of his shoulder. Let’s take a look at what Daniel has to say.

“As soon as I walked in I was greeted by a friendly and courteous staff.  Everyone was extremely helpful, the waiting room was packed, but they still took time to patiently help each and every person.”

We pride ourselves on our friendly staff, Daniel, as it’s an important trait for every one of our employees to take to heart. As we mentioned above, we know that many of the people who come to us can be pretty scared about what the imaging might find. Even people who come in for a simple shoulder x-ray are probably worried that it could be an injury that could stick around indefinitely. That’s why we’re sure to treat everyone with kindness and the utmost respect.

There’s something else you noticed, though, that we’d like to point out. You noticed not only how friendly we were to you, but also how friendly we were to others. If you were the only one who got a smile yet you noticed that we were curt with other people, you certainly wouldn’t have labeled it as such a pleasant experience.


“I forgot my prescription and my doctor's office never faxed it over so I thought I was going to have a problem but the manager, who was very busy herself and quite lovely, took the time to call my doctor's office for me and get the prescription.”

Happy to help, Daniel. While we can’t guarantee that a doctor’s office will always cooperate, we will do what we can to get certain steps checked off the list so that we can get around to what we do best: providing diagnostic imaging services.

You mention again how busy it was, and that’s not uncommon around here. We always do our best to get everyone in and out as quickly as possible, after all, who wants to hang around a medical imaging facility all day? One thing that patients should remember is that not everyone is there for the same piece of medical equipment. If someone shows up later than you but they head right back to the machines two minutes later, it’s likely that they’re there for a completely different type of medical imaging scan.

“When I finally got called back for my x-ray, which I only waited about 10 minutes for, I was greeted by another friendly staff member.  From start to finish I had a great experience.”

We’re certainly happy that you had such a pleasant experience at Fair Lawn Imaging, Daniel. After all, we know that all it takes is one bad experience to chase a potential customer away forever, so we’re glad that you were happy “from start to finish.”  

“Normally I don't bother to write reviews but I've been to other facilities where the staff were rude and unprofessional so I feel credit needs to be given where credit is due and this staff deserves credit for making my experience nothing short of fantastic.”

We’re certainly glad you did write in. Businesses thrive on word-of-mouth, and now that word-of-mouth has migrated online it truly helps businesses like ours when good people like you take the time to tell us exactly how we did.

If you’re like Daniel and would like to share your experiences with Fair Lawn Imaging, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us right here!