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In previous blogs we’ve detailed why patients prefer coming into our medical imaging center more than they do others in the Fair Lawn area. While not many people look forward to getting diagnostic imaging performed — most of them are a bit nervous because of the fear of what might be found — the friendly nature of our medical imaging clinic makes our clients feel at least a little bit better about the situation. On top of that, people who come in appreciate our speed and efficiency, ensuring they get the thorough medical scans they require while still respecting their time.

But it’s not just patients who appreciate working with our diagnostic imaging center. Doctors also prefer working with our medical imaging experts and staff because of...we’ll, let’s take a look.

Fast Turnaround

When it comes to medical imaging equipment, it goes without saying that Fair Lawn has invested in the best in medical imaging equipment, whether it’s computer tomography or MRI scans. But we’ve also invested in the right technology that will get the information to doctors in the fastest way possible. Digital imaging has allowed us to get better resolution than film counterparts, and it has also sped up the process of getting the scans into the hands of professional who can read them. Doctors will usually receive reports and interpreted medical scans within 24 hours.

Professional Readings

The average doctor is well-versed at reading the information gained from medical imaging equipment. But doctors also have dozens of other duties to perform, and some are better than others when it comes to interpreting the information that diagnostic imaging provides.

Radiologists, on the other hand, are reading these scans all day long. They are familiar with the limitations of the scans and how they can be interpreted — and misinterpreted. While a doctor might send one person to a medical imaging center in a day (and therefore only see one set of results back per day), a radiologist is reviewing multiple results that come in from many doctors. They simply have a lot more practice with interpreting scans. Doctors we work with respect our highly-trained radiologists and the role they perform in the medical industry.


Emergency Contact

There are limits to what radiologists and technicians can reveal to you while you’re at a diagnostic imaging center. In most cases, the 24-hour turnaround is more than adequate for both the patient and the doctor.

There are times, though, when a 24-hour wait is simply too long. In such instances, someone will contact the doctor immediately so that they can call the patient in and address the issue.

Trust Who Doctor’s Trust

If your doctor has recommended Fair Lawn Imagine, we’d like to thank them for their trust. But if your doctor didn’t recommend a particular medical imaging center, we’d like to encourage you to contact us as so many other doctors do. Click here to send us a message or schedule an appointment.