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Since medical imaging is such a high-tech field, it’s no wonder that there are quite a few misconceptions about it. In our most recent article, we talked about three of the most common myths that surround medical imaging. The first is that even the tiniest amount of radiation can be harmful, which isn’t true because we all experience background radiation by simply living on Earth every day. We also talked about how people misunderstand the reason MRIs cost so much (the machines costing hundreds of thousands of dollars being the primary reason). Finally, we discussed the myth that you have to have insurance in order to afford diagnostic imaging. Yes, it can seem expensive, but it’s certainly more affordable than letting a malady linger and causing worse health problems down the road.

You won’t be surprised to know that those aren’t the only myths that surround medical imaging tests. After all, people often fear what they can’t understand, which makes them more likely to come up with and spread false information. Here are a few more misconceptions about diagnostic imaging.

MYTH: Medical Imaging Causes Immediate Side Effects

Some have claimed to experience side effects from the radiation when they’re actually having the test done. The most common complaints that people have are nausea, an upset stomach, headache, or tingling.  

The fact is, such reactions are either due to outside factors or are in people’s imagination. Think about it: many people are nervous not only about getting a medical test done, but also about what the test results might be. This could definitely lead to someone feeling sick to their stomach. MRIs produce no radiation, but the loud sounds inside the tube could cause them to get a headache, or stiffen their muscles and get a neck ache.

No matter the diagnostic image service being performed, there’s always a good explanation for why people might not feel good while they’re here at Fair Lawn Imaging. We certainly do what we can to make people feel at ease when they’re with us.

MYTH: You Can Feel the Radiation Being Used

There are certainly some types of radiation you can feel. Sunlight is the first that comes to mind, as is the heat from the oven. Sound can be considered radiation, and there are times when you can feel it. But the x-rays we use are a form that can’t be felt by humans.

“But wait,” you might say, “I’ve felt something during an x-ray!” We believe you! It is possible to feel a tingling due to the effects of x-rays on the air around you, but you’re not feeling the x-rays themselves.

MYTH: Radiation Affects Your Fertility

It’s easy to see where this idea comes from. If someone is exposed to a huge dose of radiation, it is possible for their fertility to be affected, but that only occurs during events such as nuclear accidents. We can find no evidence that anyone has ever been rendered infertile with modern medical equipment.

Feel Safe During Your Test

We want you to feel safe during medical imaging, which is why we do our best to dispel the myths that surround medical imaging. If your doctor says you need a specific test such as DEXA, MRI scan, ultrasound, x-ray, or 3D tomosynthesis, we look forward to hearing from you. Schedule your appointment here!