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Medical Records:

We are equipped to perform the fastest possible turn-around in reading and reporting on your patients’ medical imaging exams. As the referring physician, you will receive a report and if requested, film(s), within 24 hours. If you have access to our PACS system via the online portal, you will be able to see the results as soon as the study is completed. 

We can also fax you a preliminary copy of our Radiologist’s report as soon as it is prepared. When requested, we can offer you a ‘stat read’ as soon as your patient’s test is completed.

If our radiologists detect something in your patient’s test that they feel requires your prompt attention, they will contact you immediately.

For your patients’ protection, we cannot release a copy of your report or files to third parties, such as attorneys or insurance companies, without his or her signed release. When we do, there will be a nominal charge in most instances. 

We maintain patient records in accordance with Federal, State and Local regulations.

PACS Login: 

Our PACS system provides you immediate access to your patients diagnostic imaging results through a secure network. Physicians authorized to use this network may view images and share patient information by comparing their studies and reports with others in the network. Fair Lawn DIC archives images to a Picture Archive and Communication System (PACS), expediting patient care by allowing physicians to electronically access patient medical images and reports anytime, anywhere. 

Select icon below to access the PACS portal

To sign up for the portal to access your images, a physician or staff member must contact us at 201-794-3132 and ask to speak with our IT department. We will send you a HIPAA release form, username and password and simple instructions on how to set up your PC to access our PACS.

Request Referral Forms / Information: 

Please submit your request, message or feedback to the form below and one of our physician services account managers will follow up right away. Thank you.

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